TECBOT M1- Robot hút bụi lau nhà tự giặt giẻ (con lăn lau nhà thế hệ mới)

tecbot m1

TECBOT M1- Robot hút bụi lau nhà với con lăn tự giặt giẻ đầu tiên

Với công nghệ hiện đại tích hợp 4 trong 1: quét, hút bụi, lau nhà, và tự làm sạch con lăn lau nhà. Tecbot M1 đang hướng đến là sản phẩm đột phá về công nghệ và đem đến sự tiện lợi nhất cho người dùng




Make cleaning easier with TECBOT M1. Our revolutionary 4-in-1 technology provides vacuum, sweep, mop, and self rinse functions in one innovative robot. At the touch of a button, TECBOT M1 does it all. Simple, automatic, and convenient.


A sensor monitors the condition of the mop. It triggers an automated self rinse whenever necessary, ensuring that the mop pad is always clean and preventing contamination of the previously cleaned floor areas. Less effort, less worry!


Unlike the previous generation of robots with mop functions that required manual cleaning of the dirty mop pad, TECBOT M1 has a self rinse function that uses high-pressure water to maintain a clean mop head as it moves across the floor without returning to its base. More intelligent, more versatile, more effective!


TECBOT M1 has a unique feature that automatically lifts the mop roller when it moves from the floor to a carpeted area, preventing wetting your carpet. The mop will also lift when finished mopping and while returning to its base. It will not repeat the previously cleaned areas.


There are several modes to choose from via the app: Sweep, Mop, Heavy Mop or combine them all! The app makes it easy to select that mode that fits your unique cleaning needs.


TECBOT M1 has twice as much suction power as any typical robot vacuum on the market. Powered by a 30,000 RPM brushless motor, TECBOT M1 pulls out deeply embedded dust and dirt from your floors and carpets in one pass.


Efficiently sweep dirt and pet hair without entangling itself. Brushes adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with carpets and hardwood floors, capturing 99% of cat and dog hair—an ideal function for pet owners.

TECBOT M1 comes with an industry-leading LDS (laser navigation system) with a built-in SLAM algorithm; the floor scanning and mapping are accurate, detailed, and completed in seconds. TECBOT M1 will analyze the floor conditions in real-time and adapt to optimize routes for an efficient coverage area with a row by row cleaning path.


TECBOT M1 has built-in advanced smart sensors to map your rooms and clean them better. It scans and analyses the surroundings to create the most efficient cleaning path possible.

  • Obstacle Climb

TECBOT M1 has super stable German Covestro wear-resistant all-terrain wheels. It can ascend slopes with a gradient of 45° and 19 mm height. Nothing gets in the way!


  •  Anti-drop

TECBOT M1 has sensitive cliff sensors that automatically gauge whether steps are near or the device is approaching a drop-off. It will not fall!


  • Edge Mode & Corner Clean

Dust and dirt can easily gather in corners and edges, which are often difficult to clean up. However, TECBOT M1 shape and clean corner function are perfectly designed to clean every corner effectively. In addition, after finishing the cleaning, TECBOT M1 will run an extra edge clean to ensure nothing is left dirty.


  • Anti-collision

TECBOT M1 has an excellent obstacle avoidance system to prevent collisions. Plus, TECBOT M1 has mechanical and infrared sensors to detect walls and obstacles with a diameter of ≥ 20 mm.


Pair TECBOT M1 with its App. You can start, stop and schedule cleaning;

spot clean, and set NO-GO zones from anywhere at any time. Enjoy convenient cleaning that works around your life.


  • Multi floors mapping with memory

With the App, TECBOT M1 automatically maps and remembers up to 5 different floors layouts to ensure efficient navigation on all the floors of your home.

  •  40db Ultra-quiet Sound

TECBOT M1 achieves a surprisingly quiet sound while working with a streamlined air-way design and a military-level noise-reducing technology. It’s just a pleasant white noise in the background.

  • 1200 to 2000ft² cleaning area in one go

Powered by BYD’s 5200mAh high-energy-density lithium battery, TECBOT M1 can clean 1200 to 2000 square feet in one go.


TECBOT M1 is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant. You can easily create cleaning schedules, change modes, or check the battery and performance with voice commands.



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